Our strength, stability and longevity deliver the steadfast, diligent service that clients expect and deserve. Perhaps most important of all, our team will work to engage not only our clients, but also their potential beneficiaries and heirs.



Tactical Investment Management

Our tactical investment management aims to capture most of the market’s upside and avoid most of the downside. When equity trends move negative, a portion of the portfolio may be invested in cash, cash equivalents, or index hedges. When equity trends are positive, we can increase exposure to equities and market indexes to take advantage of growth opportunities. We believe that avoiding severe market drops is essential to long-term investment success.


Continuous Financial Planning & Advice

These services include comprehensive retirement and financial planning when we manage all, or a portion of your investments. Our software is designed to help you make smart financial decisions and track your progress. Our services cover everything from simple retirement planning to very large estates needing complex wealth transfer strategies with tax considerations. We will work with your current tax professional and/or attorney as needed.


Business & Real Estate Tax Strategies

Our team understands that taxes complicate matters and you may have individual tax situations requiring extra attention. We have outside resources to help minimize the impact of taxes on our clients’ portfolios, businesses, real estate, and other outside investments. The government shouldn’t be getting a bigger cut of your hard-earned savings than is absolutely necessary.


Insurance Planning & Risk Management Strategies

As a natural part of life, there are many risks that threaten your well-being and financial security no matter how hard you’ve worked. Nobody wants to think about death, disability, or other potential hardships when they’re doing a financial plan, but for us it’s an essential part of every client relationship. Assessing and managing the risk associated with unexpected events is crucial for us to ensure that our clients and their loved ones can live the lifestyles they want, even if the unexpected happens.


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